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A Life with Plants

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November 30, 2016
A couple of weeks ago, Lorenzo and I rearranged our plant collection moving most of our plants from the terrace to the living room. Yes, we also put our plants under the sun, especially during summer! While we've travelled and are still travelling a lot, we are primarily based in Italy where summer is serious stuff: days are long and plants can get their fill of light quite easily outdoors.

The migration of plants from outdoors to inside was an opportunity to rediscover the joy of living with plants. It was for us the chance to reflect and experiment upon what “a life with plants is vibrant and full of joy” truly means.

We have a small apartment, so when our plants come indoors, they mostly live in our open living room. The big cupboard with mirrors, the piano, the shelves on the wall—everything is covered in green goodness. We decided to put most of the largest and craziest succulents on the top of our metal bookshelf in combination with a bunch of our Cynara lights.
At home we host a little collection of old models, first prototypes and limited editions of the Cynara lamp, a little reminder of the time spent creating those beauties! Some of them never get the official glory, but they’ve been part of our home for many years and I love them as much as those we sell every day.

On the bookshelf we mixed the plants according to their size, height, and expansion, letting the bigger ones intersect with the smaller all under the glow of our little indoor suns. Their shapes and colours change a lot from how they look outside. They remind me of other times, other ages. The pink rays of the Cynara make the branches seem more thick and solid, and they break the light into the different colours of the Bulbo spectrum forming amazing shadow stories on the wall.

Later, I amused myself by adding some of my old architectural models from college in between the pots and vases. A formerly-very-white small cathedral model is now gently covered with funny pinkish shadows. The tiny people that have been living in the white pavilion for years and years now have something to stare from behind their window.

A life with plants

Like magic, we've created a new landscape of plants, light and everyday objects. It’s a small world, smaller than ours, but still lively and full of vibrant joy. Inside our home, we can invent new stories and play with our minds. We can have visions of a small little town, where nature is thriving again, blossoming in striking colours, even in colder weather. All this by simply showing the everyday beauty of all shades of green.

This is the Bulbo life!

A Life with Plants