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Iconic Italian design isn’t the only thing the Cynara has going for it. Borrowing both name and shape from the traditional globe artichoke, its compact size and simple setup bring the joy of plants into the home.

Using no more energy than your wifi router, the Cynara’s seven watt LED grow light channels all the goodness of the sun’s rays into a single spotlight while lending your interior a clean and classic look.

Engage with nature inside the home at any latitude.

Rediscover the beauty of nature indoors and feel the glow of sunshine even when it’s grey outside. The charming Cynara LED light keeps you and your plant company as you grow together, naturally.
Influenced by Italian
tradition and inspired by nature. We put sunlight in a lamp.
A light that grows with your plants. With its expanding aluminum rods the Cynara can be planted in the soil of your pot or suspended overhead by its cord in a matter of minutes.

Its flowerpot-inspired lampshade, a natural compliment to leafy greens, is handmade from high quality Italian terracotta to give a touch of chic design to interiors. Traditional materials for an honest product that lights up life.