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Start Kit

Getting started is the hardest part, but with our carefully curated Start Kits, we take the work out of going green indoors.

Grow from scratch with seeds, soil and a classic container. Cultivate edible plants from dirt to dish easily and immediately with help from our naturally self-regulating terracotta water dispenser.

The best solution to eating fresh and effortless growing.

Follow your food from dirt to dish.
The Bulbo Start Kits offer a soil-and-seed adventure that brings you closer to nature through what you eat.

Nature is complex,
life is busy.
Know what you grow,
grow what you eat.  

Choose from a range of Vegetables, Herbs and Edible Flowers, and you’re ready to bring fresh food into the kitchen.
Our seeds are selected for their productivity and dwarf characteristics, perfect for countertop growing.

Each soil mix is specifically developed to feed your plants so you can feed yourself. The Start Kit includes a naturally porous terracotta water dispenser which releases water according to your plants’ needs, making less work for you.