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Sleek, streamlined and ready for customized cultivation, the Quadra is a discreet LED grow light with maximum flexibility and minimum fuss.

The high quality aluminum frame is designed to fit all places and spaces, providing optimal light nutrition to care for your favourite plants and vegetables.

Here’s a plug and play product that fits a wide range of diverse plants, from seed to sprout and beyond.

From small sprouts to rooted plants, and edible to blooming beauty, the Quadra adjusts to grow with any plant you wish, in any kind of weather. Express yourself and your taste: in the kitchen, on the shelf, anywhere indoors.

A window into
the natural world.
We give you the frame,
you choose the view. 

The Quadra’s white aluminum frame is durable, discreet and efficient. It naturally disperses the heat generated by its LED lights, ensuring the longest life possible for your grow light.

The height can easily be adjusted via two side knobs and the structure can be rotated in several positions to accommodate plant growth from seed to maturity.

Choose from the large or small size based on your needs. The Quadra’s beechwood base adds a sophisticated foundation to support your customized collection of plants.