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Nature Graphics: Organic Design Inspiration

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October 17, 2016
What’s more luxurious than a 250-page book dedicated to nature’s influence on design? Not much. At Bulbo we immediately fell in love with the premise of Nature Graphics, an anthology of branding and identity strategies for handfuls of projects all relying on organic inspiration. Whether it is colour, texture, shape, shade or material, each page represents a well thought-out design derived in some way from nature.

The showcased pieces aren’t limited by scope or location, as features from across the globe share space with one another, each introduced by an English language blurb. Luckily, the designs transcend barriers and nature takes centre stage on each page. As the intro Nature, the Fount of Inspiration states, “By wisely incorporating natural elements, design can raise awareness towards protecting both the ecosystem and the human race.” We’re on board!

It’s hard to pick favourites from such an extensive collection, but there were a couple standout designs that caught our eye.
Nature Graphics review
photo © Bulbo
In many languages, the word for “eating” often derives from the local word for rice. The Rice Garden project finds inspiration in this staple food of the world through the Taiwanese saying, “A dish cannot be good without a better bowl of rice.” Their vegetable-based calendar replaces key elements of popular vegetables with segments of rice—a natural complement to typical meals.

The showcased pieces aren’t limited by scope or location, as features from across the globe share space with one another.
Meanwhile, the showcase of Polish brand Leganjny Tomato Farm shows us how they took their primary product—the red, fleshy, juicy tomato—and translated it into an icon with a vintage feel and a traditional look. Their physical products and packaging also invoke to nature, as they make use of materials such as felt, cotton, recycled paper and cardboard for a rustic touch to the brand.

Artphy is described in Nature Graphics as “a modern new art and philosophy center.” Even if we aren’t sure what that means, we’re always attracted to a good vegetable cross section, especially if it is adorned with vibrant, cobalt blue paint. The symmetry in the brand’s name reminds us of the symmetry in nature and the up close cross section of a boldly blue cabbage recalls the maze of the human brain in all its complexity.

Finally, Japanese design firm I&S BDOO’s exquisite rendering of a human skeleton through a series of flowers and plants is a firm reminder of the beauty in celebrating life, even at death.
If you’re looking for a coffee table book that is impossible to put down, grab yourself a copy of Nature Graphics. Whether you’re a design aficionado or simply another nature lover, you will love seeing the ways in which the wonders of the natural world are translated into human terms.

Publisher: Sendpoints (November 15, 2014)
Editorial Director: Sundae Li
Language: English
Published in: China