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type: exhibition
venue: Palazzo del Governatore
location: Parma, Italy
project by: University and Municipality of Parma
year: 2015
Declared the “International Year of Light” by the UN, 2015 brought Bulbo into the educational sphere. For the occasion, the University of Parma put together an exhibition that took place over three months, showcasing light in three different areas: science and technology, art and photography, and film.

Within the exhibition, Bulbo was invited to introduce the general audience to the relationship between light and plants. Bulbo set up an interactive installation where people were able to manipulate Bulbo lights specially designed for the occasion for a better understanding of the process of light absorption by plants.

In the same period, Bulbo was in charge of workshops on light, light technology and plants aimed at elementary school children. The objective was for students to discover the light spectrum in relationship to plant growth, and understand light in frequencies and wavelengths as well as colors. Collaborators included Giunti Progetti Educativi who contributed to promotional material for educational understanding and Piccolo Vegs for Pots who supplied seeds and plants.

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