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type: exhibition
event : Milano Design Week
venue: Brera Design District
location: Milan, Italy
project by: All’Origine, Douuod
year: 2016
photographer: Simone Nocetti
Inspired by the playful and time-concerned white rabbit of Lewis Carrol’s whimsical Alice in Wonderland, Bulbo took part in the magical world of MULTIPLE [ricerche], at Fuorisalone event in concurrence with Milan Design Week 2016.

The concept of MULTIPLE [ricerche] was put together by Patrizia Boscherini (creator of the brand Douuod) and Davide Mariani (creator of All’Origine brand), and brought together 11 brands to tell a story of creativity, passion and intelligent design.

In collaboration with Badeggs, Italian gastronomy hub and private event caterers, Bulbo spearheaded the interior design concepts of two farm fresh dinners, turning the Brera-based Strategia Shoes showroom into an edible plant filled wonderland while Badeggs served delicious Italian meals.

Multiple Ricerche, Fuorisalone 2016