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Shipping & Returns

Goods on sale at are shipped from Bulbo warehouse in Italy and they can be delivered only within the 28 countries of the European Union.

Shipping Fees and Delivery Time

Shipping is free for orders over 90,00 €. Otherwise, shipping costs depend on the destination country. All delivery costs are the responsibility of the Buyer and are automatically calculated when the delivery address is provided. Please refer to the information below.

Shipping to Italy
The cost of each delivery is 10 € (VAT included) throughout Italy, including islands. Goods are shipped via GLS couriers and delivery is estimated between 3-5 working days from the purchase date.

Shipping to other European Union countries
The cost of each delivery is 15 € (VAT included) throughout the EU. Goods are shipped via GLS couriers and delivery is estimated between 5-7 working days from the purchase date.

Delivery times of the ordered merchandise (indicated country by country in the “Shipping fees and delivery times” section) are approximate and may vary due to force majeure, traffic or general road conditions, or even by act of the competent authorities. Bulbo is in no way liable and cannot be indicted in the event of delays in the processing or delivery of goods caused by the courier. Bulbo is not liable for disservice caused by force majeure, including accidents, explosions, fires, earthquakes, floods, damages to IT services, strikes and/or lockouts, and other similar events which may impede the arrival, wholly or in part, of the goods within the times stipulated in the contract.

Shipping methods

Home delivery service is valid in all 28 countries of the European Union and will be carried out by the GLS Group.

Shipping to Italy

Once GLS courier takes charge of the goods (one or two working days after receipt of payment), the Buyer will be sent a notice at the email address indicated during the acquisition phase, stating that the package has been taken over by GLS.

The email will contain the Tracking Number which allows the Buyer to monitor the package(s) step by step up to the delivery. The courier will make two delivery attempts. In the event that the addressee is not present at the indicated address during the first delivery attempt, the courier will leave a notice stating the hour of the visit and the hour and date (generally the following day) when the second attempt will be made.

If the addressee is again not present, the goods will be deposited in the warehouse of the nearest GLS sorting centre (consult the website to find the nearest sorting centre) for a maximum of 10 days. A notification email will be sent to the addressee in order to decide whether to make a further delivery attempt (to be paid by the addressee) or whether the merchandise will remain in the warehouse until it can be withdrawn by the addressee in person.

Shipping to other European Countries

Once the GLS courier takes charge of the goods (one or two working days after the payment has been received) the Buyer will receive a notice via email at the address provided during the purchase phase. The email will contain the Tracking Number which allows the Buyer to monitor the package(s) step by step up to the delivery. The courier will make one delivery attempt, but will contact the client both by telephone and email before making the delivery in order to give sufficient notice.
 In the event that the addressee is absent during the first and only delivery attempt, the Buyer may retrieve the goods at one of the nearest Parcel Points. All of the necessary instructions for the withdrawal will be supplied via email to the address provided during the acquisition phase.

Important to check at the moment of delivery

When the courier delivers the goods, the Buyer must check:

  • that the number of packages corresponds to that indicated in the transportation document

  • that the packaging is whole, undamaged and neither modified nor wet, including the fastenings (tape, packaging paper etc.)

Any damages found in the packaging and/or product, or the non-correspondence of the number of packages, must immediately be stipulated in writing on the courier’s waybill by applying the text “GOODS UNCHECKED” (and any other indications concerning the claim). Photographs of the packages may prove to be useful in this circumstance. Once the courier’s document is signed, the Buyer can no longer make any claims concerning the external characteristics of the delivered goods. In any case, if the items are damaged, the Buyer must promptly communicate this to Bulbo in writing within and no later than 8 days of receiving the goods. After eight days, we decline any liability for breakage/anomalies/loss/fault.

Breakage due to transportation

At the moment of delivery, the Buyer must verify the presence and integrity of all the products in the order. Any notice of anomalies or breakage must be communicated, with attached photographs of the damage, to the email address, within and no later than eight days after receiving the goods. After eight days, Bulbo declines any liability for breakage/anomalies/missing parts. Photographs of the goods must be taken in their original packaging. We do not accept claims concerning products that have already been installed or used. Once the anomaly/breakage has been verified, Bulbo will send an email with instructions for the replacement of the goods. In any case, the Buyer must not take personal initiative with the courier, but must promptly consult Bulbo concerning the procedure to be followed.

General Return Policy

The sale of goods via Internet is regulated by the Dutch law which regulates matters of distance contracts, to be understood as sales occurring outside of physical commercial spaces. This law, in force as of October 23, 2005, sanctions the right of withdrawal, or rather, the possibility for the consumer to return the product purchased and obtain a refund for the costs. This right can be exercised by the Buyer within 14 working days after the delivery of the goods. This right is reserved exclusively for physical persons (consumers), and therefore cannot be exercised by juridical persons or by physical persons acting for ends referable to any professional activities. Therefore, this right is not reserved for  those who have supplied their VAT number for invoice purposes.

The right of return applies to the purchased product in its entirety. Thus, it is not possible to exercise return only on part of it. The purchased product must be whole and returned in its original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and documentation). We advise the use of a second box containing the original.

The return shipping is under the total responsibility of the Buyer until the item is received within our office or other address communicated by Bulbo. The latter does not answer in any way to damage/theft/loss of goods returned through uninsured shipping. In the case that the returned products were damaged during transportation, this will be immediately communicated to the Buyer so that he or she can take action can immediately with the courier.

Return procedure

In the event that the Buyer purchased a product using our website and wishes to annul the purchase, he or she can follow the simple procedure below:

  • the buyer must contact Bulbo within 14 days of delivery of the goods, sending an email at with subject “return request”, through which the Buyer must clearly express the will to return the purchased goods, indicating the detail of the purchase (order number, date, his name and address)
  • the Buyer must also arrange, using his or her own selected courier, the shipping of the product, carefully enclosed in its original packaging and complete of every accessory, instruction manual and all of the original contents. The Buyer’s name must be clearly written on the packaging as well as our warehouse address:

Bulbo BV.

Via Santo Stefano 80,

40125 Bologna,


Return Ineligibility
The right of return is completely relinquished whenever a returned product is not whole, or rather, when:

  • the original packaging is missing or is damaged
• integral components of the product (accessories, cables, instruction manuals, etc.) and all items supplied free of charge are lacking
damage to the product has been caused by transportation caused by incorrect packaging of the original shipment by the Buyer
• the products have been installed

In the event of return ineligibility, Bulbo will arrange to return the purchased goods to the Buyer, charging the Buyer for the shipping and any other repacking costs.

Refund Policy

Subject to verification of the integrity of the product, Bulbo will arrange to refund the Buyer the sum already paid, less all the fees borne for the administration and shipping of the order, as well as for the collection of the refund payment. As clarified by the European Court, the first delivery charges, if paid by the Buyer, will be refunded according to the amount indicated on the sales document. Bulbo will proceed with the reimbursement via the refund service of PayPal, details of which are available at the following:


Fiscal documentation, via Delivery Note included within the package or sent via email, and subsequent billing, will be issued by Bulbo at the moment the products are shipped to the Buyer. For all orders made on, Bulbo will arrange to issue a corresponding invoice: insofar as private persons are concerned, the tax registration number will be indicated, while both the tax registration number and the VAT number will be indicated for companies. The bill can be used as a warranty.


All products contained with the website are covered by a conventional producer’s warranty and a 24-month warranty for inherent defects, in compliance with Legislative Decree 24/02. In order to take advantage of assistance during the warranty period, the Buyer must conserve the receipt connected to the purchase.

The 24-month warranty in compliance with Legislative Decree 24/02 is applied to the product which presents an inherent defect, provided that the product has been correctly used respecting its end use and according to the technical documents attached. This warranty is reserved for private consumers (physical persons who purchase the merchandise for purposes that are not connected to their own professional activities, or rather, purchased without indicating a VAT number). In case of an inherent defect, Bulbo will provide to restore the product through repair/substitution.

For this purpose, the Buyer must arrange for the merchandise to be shipped, at his or her own expense, to the warehouse of Bulbo, addressing the package to:

Bulbo BV.

Via Santo Stefano 80,

40125 Bologna,


Furthermore, in order to take advantage of the warranty, the goods must be returned by the Buyer in their original packaging and must be accompanied with:

  • a copy of the receipt of sales (bearing the purchase date)
  • the original label of the product inclusive of the written number of the model and the production line batch number
  • the original warranty certificate found in the instruction manual.

If for any reason it is not possible to return the product under warranty (repaired or replaced), Bulbo can proceed at its own discretion to reimburse the entire payment of the product, or rather, to substitute the item with a product of equal or greater characteristics.

If, following an intervention by Customer Assistance, the fault is not an inherent defect, the Buyer will be charged any costs of verification and repair asked by the Service, as well as any transportation costs borne by Bulbo. No damage can be asked of Bulbo for any delays in the carrying out of repairs or substitution of products under warranty.

Exclusion and limitation of warranty and responsibility

Bulbo does not offer any warranty concerning the continuity of the contents on the website.

Complaints and disputes

Any complaint must be sent to our email address:
In the event that Bulbo is held liable, it will be limited to the value of the order. There may be external links on the website: Bulbo cannot be held responsible for the contents of these, even in the case that they do not respect the Dutch law in force. The contract stipulated above is applicable in all European Union countries and is regulated by the Dutch law. The conditions contained within this contract can be modified by Bulbo without warning and will be valid from the date of publication on the website.

Customer Assistance/Service

The Buyer can ask for any information through the Assistance Services provided by Bulbo; and specifically, our Customer Service can be contacted at the following email address:

Bulbo B.V.

4834 HB Breda

The Netherlands

VAT NL 855406859B01