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Quadra small & BACSAC


The sleek and streamlined Quadra meets the next generation of lightweight “geotextile” potting container for a growing set-up all about flexibility. The wear-and-tear resistant BACSAC® pots are fun, funky and help keep the perfect balance of moisture in your soils to make for healthy plants. A unique ensemble for a unique price.

Tech Information

Our signature small Quadra grow light is lightweight and flexible with an aluminum frame that adjusts to give your plant optimal light nutrition. Using just 14 watts of energy, the Quadra integrates easily into any space for immediate green growing.

With the BACSAC® planters your plant is wrapped in several layers of felt to protect its roots and keep a correct moisture balance in the soil. Externally, the "geotextile" fabric is waterproof, tear-resistant, UV-resistant and very easy to wash.

Quadra small: 44 cm
BACSAC®: 40 cm


Width: 29,7 cm
Height: 9,5 cm
Length: 49,5 cm
Weight: 2,5 kg

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